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Committed to your child's academic and spiritual growth.

     Welcome to Eden Christian Academy


On behalf of all of us at Eden Christian Academy, we are honored that you are considering an education at ECA for your child. We believe that as parents you are in charge of your child’s education and that choosing the right school is a sacred decision.

We consider it an honor to assist you with our time and resources as you search for the right fit for your family.

ECA is more than only college preparatory. We do strive for academic excellence, but our primary goal is to prepare your children to be outstanding citizens of God’s Kingdom, so they pursue the Kingdom and its realization wherever they live, love, and serve. We truly aim to nurture Warriors for Christ.

We take the biblical mandate to teach our children the words of the Lord in scripture always and in every aspect of their lives very seriously. At ECA, this means Christ is not just one part of a good education, but rather, that He is the cornerstone. We want our students to see Christ in everything.

  • We want our students to see God’s fingerprints in the structure and order of the universe explored through math and science.
  • We want our students to identify and appreciate God’s orchestration of history for His glory and our ultimate joy.
  • We want our students to recognize that God is beauty and to imitate their creator by creating beauty with art.
  • We want our students to display Christ-like behavior in athletics and academic competitions.

Our prayer, and the reason we serve here each day, is that by the time our students graduate, they will be thoroughly equipped to be servants of God. It is our aim that our students embody our mascot's name and truly be Warriors for Christ, wholeheartedly using their God-given talents for His purposes with an earnest hunger and thirst for righteousness in their own lives, their families, and their communities.

Thank you so very much for your interest in Eden. We know that the education of your children is a sacred task.

We humbly and sincerely offer to be of service as you answer that calling. Our prayers are with you as you decide how to best lead your children to be disciples of Jesus.

In Christ,
ECA Administrative Team