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Education That Makes a Difference

Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Group
Brian Adey Adey, Brian Teacher - Social Studies Mt. Nebo
Joyce Afflerbach Afflerbach, Joyce Administrative Assistant Mt. Nebo
Sherry Aiken Aiken, Sherry Teacher - PreK4/Learning thru Literature Wexford
Thomas Aiken Aiken, Thomas Principal/Academic Officer Mt. Nebo
Tom Barr Barr, Tom Teacher - Social Studies Mt. Nebo
Shelly Beauchamp Beauchamp, Shelly Teacher - 3rd Grade Wexford
Melissa Beck Beck, Melissa Lunchroom Coordinator ECA Wexford
Madelyn Berkley Berkley, Madelyn Teacher - Science/Registrar Mt. Nebo
Elysha Bey Bey, Elysha Teacher's Aide - LTL/KFD Berkeley Hills
Kelly Birsic Birsic, Kelly Teacher - PreK4 Berkeley Hills
Nancy Bishop Bishop, Nancy Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Barbara Bjalobok Bjalobok, Barbara Education Therapist - Discovery
Karis Bowman Bowman, Karis Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Kristie Bricker Bricker, Kristie Teacher - 3rd Grade Berkeley Hills
Vida Brown Brown, Vida Financial Assistant Admin Offices (BH)
Dawn Butterworth Butterworth, Dawn Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Kathy Chopp Chopp, Kathy Volunteer Coordinator Wexford
Brenda Cischke Cischke, Brenda Director of College and Career Counseling Mt. Nebo
Jenette Cline Cline, Jenette Teacher - Spanish/Ipad Specialist Mt. Nebo
Nanette Curtis Curtis, Nanette Director of Admissions Admin Offices (BH)
Heidi Davies Davies, Heidi Teacher - 1st Grade Berkeley Hills
Diane Davliakos Davliakos, Diane Teacher's Aide - PreK3 Wexford
Kathy DeMarco DeMarco, Kathy Teacher - KAM/Librarian Wexford
DeAnn Donahugh Donahugh, DeAnn Education Therapist - Discovery Berkeley Hills
Gloria Dornsife Dornsife, Gloria Teacher - Art Mt. Nebo
Carolyn Fahmy Fahmy, Carolyn Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Science Wexford
Rebecca Ferrario Ferrario, Rebecca Teacher - 2nd Grade Wexford
Greg Foltz Foltz, Greg Teacher - P.E./Elem At Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Roger Franz Franz, Roger Teacher - Business Mt. Nebo
Stephen Good Good, Stephen Teacher - P.E./Athletic Director/Dean of Students Mt. Nebo
Kenneth Hale Hale, Kenneth Lunchroom/Library Aide Berkeley Hills
Michael Hall Hall, Michael Teacher - Social Studies Mt. Nebo
Shawna Haynes Haynes, Shawna Receptionist Wexford
Cassie Herbert Herbert, Cassie Teacher - English/Ipad Specialist/Yearbook Editor Mt. Nebo
Deneen Hicks Hicks, Deneen Teacher's Aide - KAM Wexford
Jean Hidinger Hidinger, Jean Administrative Assistant - WEX Wexford
Ashley Hoban Hoban, Ashley Teacher - 5th/6th Grade History & Bible Wexford
Eric Huggins Huggins, Eric Teacher - Spanish Mt. Nebo
Janet Hughes Hughes, Janet Project Coordinator Admin Offices (BH)
Thomas Hughes Hughes, Thomas Head of School Admin Offices (BH)
Kimberly Hyland Hyland, Kimberly Elementary Principal Berkeley Hills
Stefanie Ising Ising, Stefanie Teacher - Computer/Technology Coordinator Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Rachel Johnson Johnson, Rachel Teacher - 4th Grade Math; 5th/6th Grade Bible Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Melissa Joswiak Joswiak, Melissa Teacher's Aide - 2nd Grade Wexford
Christine Kaniecki Kaniecki, Christine Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator Mt. Nebo
Michael Keefer Keefer, Michael Maintenance Director Admin Offices (BH)
Andrea Knauer Knauer, Andrea Teacher - KFD Wexford
Jordan Kolarik Kolarik, Jordan Teacher - Bible/Chaplain Mt. Nebo
Gary Laird Laird, Gary Teacher - Bible/Chaplain Mt. Nebo
Kelly Laird Laird, Kelly Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Language Arts Berkeley Hills
Kayleigh Layden Layden, Kayleigh Teacher - 2nd Grade Berkeley Hills
Julie Lefever Lefever, Julie Director of Marketing & Communications Admin Offices (BH)
Malissa Linsenbigler Linsenbigler, Malissa Teacher's Aide - 2nd Grade Berkeley Hills
Emily Lowery Lowery, Emily Teacher - Art Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Karen Lukitsch Lukitsch, Karen Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Science & Math Berkeley Hills
Sarah Macshane Macshane, Sarah Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Language Arts Wexford
Maureen Maier Maier, Maureen Teacher - PS3 Berkeley Hills
Tina Marcacci Marcacci, Tina Teacher - English/Ipad Specialist/Yearbook Editor Mt. Nebo
Lori McDonnell McDonnell, Lori Teacher's Aide - KFD Wexford
Jacqueline Medure Medure, Jacqueline Receptionist Wexford
Amy Merrick Merrick, Amy Teacher - 1st Grade Wexford
Jessica Mitrik Mitrik, Jessica Teacher Berkeley Hills
Amy Mizerak Mizerak, Amy Teachers Aide - PK4 Berkeley Hills
David Mohr Mohr, David Teacher - Science/Registrar Mt. Nebo
Emily Moreno Moreno, Emily Teacher - 4th Grade Berkeley Hills
Alisa Morris Morris, Alisa Teacher - Science/Registrar Mt. Nebo
Janice Newman Newman, Janice Education Therapist - Discovery Mt. Nebo
Lindsay Newman Newman, Lindsay Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Math Wexford
Thomas O'Brien O'Brien, Thomas Permanent Substitute Mt. Nebo
Barbara Obley Obley, Barbara Teacher - Spanish/Ipad Specialist Mt. Nebo
Lindsay Oliver Oliver, Lindsay Financial Assistant Admin Offices (BH)
Beth Pallotta Pallotta, Beth Teacher - Learning Through Literature Berkeley Hills
Jennifer Plants Plants, Jennifer Executive Assistant Berkeley Hills
Heidi Pollick Pollick, Heidi Teacher - KFD Berkeley Hills
Allyson Potter Potter, Allyson Teacher - English/Ipad Specialist/Yearbook Editor Mt. Nebo
Benjamin Potter Potter, Benjamin Teacher - Bible/Chaplain Mt. Nebo
Carrie Powers Powers, Carrie Elementary Principal Wexford
Joyce Ricci Ricci, Joyce Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator Berkeley Hills
Kelly Rupert Rupert, Kelly Education Therapist - Discovery Wexford
Jessica Schiren Schiren, Jessica Teacher - Science/Registrar Mt. Nebo
Vicki Shepherd Shepherd, Vicki Teacher - Spanish Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Isaac Sjol Sjol, Isaac Teacher - Science/Registrar Mt. Nebo
Shirley Smith Smith, Shirley Teacher's Aide - KFD/Alumni Director Berkeley Hills
Charles Smullin Smullin, Charles Operations Officer Admin Offices (BH)
Jana Snavely Snavely, Jana Teacher - Music Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Kimberly Southworth Southworth, Kimberly Teacher - 4th Grade Wexford
Timothy Sullivan Sullivan, Timothy Teacher - P.E. Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Sheryl Vuich Vuich, Sheryl Teacher - PS3/Teacher's Aide - PreK4 Wexford
Rebecca Walters Walters, Rebecca Teacher - Music Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Rose Weir Weir, Rose Financial Administrator Admin Offices (BH)
Heather Wick Wick, Heather Teacher - PreK4 Wexford
Christie Wilkin Wilkin, Christie Teacher - English/Ipad Specialist/Yearbook Editor Mt. Nebo
Cathy Williams Williams, Cathy Teacher's Aide - PS3 Berkeley Hills