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Committed to your child's academic and spiritual growth.

Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Group
Jenny Ackerman Ackerman, Jenny School Counselor
Brian Adey Adey, Brian Teacher - Social Studies Mt. Nebo
Joyce Afflerbach Afflerbach, Joyce Administrative Assistant Mt. Nebo
Anna Aiken Aiken, Anna Director of Development/Alumni Relations Admin Offices (BH)
Thomas Aiken Aiken, Thomas Head of School Mt. Nebo
Lindsey Ammons Ammons, Lindsey Education Therapist - Discovery
Nicole Angle Angle, Nicole Teacher - 5th/6th History and Bible Wexford
Jayne Aulicino Aulicino, Jayne Teacher - 2nd Grade
Shelly Beauchamp Beauchamp, Shelly Teacher - 3rd Grade Wexford
Madelyn Berkley Berkley, Madelyn Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Nancy Bishop Bishop, Nancy Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Valerie Bonner Bonner, Valerie Lunchroom Coordinator Wexford
Kristie Bricker Bricker, Kristie Principal Berkeley Hills
Jodi Brooks Brooks, Jodi Teacher - PK4 & Reading Support Berkeley Hills
Dawn Butterworth Butterworth, Dawn Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Susan Caputo Caputo, Susan Teacher - Art Mt. Nebo
Elizabeth Cejer Cejer, Elizabeth Teacher - Business/Math Mt. Nebo
Kathy Chopp Chopp, Kathy Volunteer Coordinator; Receptionist; Teacher's Aide - PS3 Wexford
Grace Cibula Cibula, Grace Teacher - MS Art
Nicole Coen Coen, Nicole Teacher - 5th/6th Language Arts Wexford
Nanette Curtis Curtis, Nanette Director of Admissions Mt. Nebo
Renee D'Ippolito D'Ippolito, Renee Teacher - Bible Mt. Nebo
Emily Damazo Damazo, Emily Long Term Substitute (Discovery)
C. Alex Davis Davis, C. Alex Teacher - English Mt. Nebo
Kathy DeMarco DeMarco, Kathy Teacher - KFD Wexford
Sarah Detar Detar, Sarah Teacher's Aide - Full Day Kindergarten Berkeley Hills
Briana Dillaman Dillaman, Briana Teacher - English
Jonathan Duncan Duncan, Jonathan Teacher - History Mt. Nebo
Sandra Duncan Duncan, Sandra Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Kathryn Durec Durec, Kathryn Teacher - 4th Grade Wexford
Brooke Eggers Eggers, Brooke Wexford
Dana Faletti Faletti, Dana Teacher - American Sign Language Mt. Nebo
Rebecca Ferrario Ferrario, Rebecca Teacher - 2nd Grade Wexford
Greg Foltz Foltz, Greg Teacher Mt. Nebo
Amy Fowler Fowler, Amy Teacher - 1st Grade
Zachary Frantik Frantik, Zachary Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Christina Fry Fry, Christina Principal
Pamela Gauntner Gauntner, Pamela Receptionist; Chapel Coordinator Berkeley Hills
Lillian Giannetti Giannetti, Lillian Teacher - History Mt. Nebo
Marilyn Gillogly Gillogly, Marilyn Teacher - Science/Pathology Mt. Nebo
Barb Grabowski Grabowski, Barb Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Cole Guidroz Guidroz, Cole Teacher - Bible Mt. Nebo
Erica Guidroz Guidroz, Erica Teacher - Music/Band
Kenneth Hale Hale, Kenneth Teacher - 5th/6th Science & STEAM Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Michael Hall Hall, Michael Teacher - Bible, History Mt. Nebo
Cassandra Haring Haring, Cassandra Lunchroom Monitor Wexford
Shawna Haynes Haynes, Shawna Receptionist Wexford
Katherine Helbling Helbling, Katherine Teacher - 1st Grade
Greg Helsel Helsel, Greg Athletic Director; Teacher - English Mt. Nebo
Cassie Herbert Herbert, Cassie Teacher - English Mt. Nebo
Jean Hidinger Hidinger, Jean Administrative Assistant Wexford
Brandon Homrock Homrock, Brandon Teacher - P.E. Wexford
Judy Hoover Hoover, Judy Teacher - K-4 STEAM & Computers; Library Berkeley Hills
Grace Horne Horne, Grace Teacher - Elementary Spanish Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Jamie Horne Horne, Jamie Teacher - 4th-6th Math Wexford
Bethany Janicki Janicki, Bethany Teacher - PS3; Teacher's Aide - PK4 Wexford
Catherine Johnson Johnson, Catherine Teacher - Science, Math, Computer Science Mt. Nebo
Christine Kaniecki Kaniecki, Christine Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator Mt. Nebo
Michael Kettel Kettel, Michael Recess Aide/Teacher's Aide - 4th Grade Berkeley Hills
Heidi King King, Heidi Teacher - LTL Wexford
Andrew Laird Laird, Andrew Teacher - P.E./Bible Berkeley Hills
Rachel Lapp Lapp, Rachel Teacher - Math; Computer Science Mt. Nebo
Julie Lefever Lefever, Julie Director of Marketing & Communications Admin Offices (BH)
Emily Lowery Lowery, Emily Teacher - Art Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Karen Lukitsch Lukitsch, Karen Teacher - 5th/6th Math & Math Support & Enrichment Berkeley Hills
Anna Marburger Marburger, Anna Principal Wexford
Amy Merrick Merrick, Amy Teacher - Full Day Kindergarten Wexford
Jennifer Miess Miess, Jennifer Financial Administrator Admin Offices (BH)
Jessica Mitrik Mitrik, Jessica Teacher - 1st Grade Berkeley Hills
Emily Moreno Moreno, Emily Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Language Arts Berkeley Hills
Kristen Muir Muir, Kristen Receptionist Wexford
Janice Newman Newman, Janice Discovery Administrator; Education Therapist Mt. Nebo
Lindsay Newman Newman, Lindsay Dean of Women; College and Career Counselor (Grades 7 & 8); Associate Registrar Mt. Nebo
Lacey Nye Nye, Lacey Teacher - 2nd Grade Wexford
Thomas O'Brien O'Brien, Thomas Permanent Substitute Mt. Nebo
Lindsay Oliver Oliver, Lindsay HR Administrator/Corporate Counsel Admin Offices (BH)
Erica Oshlick Oshlick, Erica Teacher - PS3/Asst. Teacher - PK4 Berkeley Hills
Christa Papcunik Papcunik, Christa Admissions Coordinator Mt. Nebo
Judy Perry Perry, Judy Teacher - Spanish Mt. Nebo
Heidi Pollick Pollick, Heidi Teacher - Full Day Kindergarten Berkeley Hills
Allyson Potter Potter, Allyson College and Career Counseling (Grades 9-12); Registrar; Technology Mt. Nebo
Benjamin Potter Potter, Benjamin Chaplain; Teacher - Bible Mt. Nebo
Josh Potter Potter, Josh Director of Maintenance Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Kathleen Potter Potter, Kathleen Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist Berkeley Hills
Jenna Potutschnig Potutschnig, Jenna Teacher - 3rd Grade
Stacy Reaoch Reaoch, Stacy Teacher - LTL Berkeley Hills
Joyce Ricci Ricci, Joyce Office Administrator; Busing Coordinator; Volunteer Coordinator Berkeley Hills
Andrea Rigby Rigby, Andrea Teacher - STEAM & Computers Wexford
Melanie Rocha Rocha, Melanie Development Liaison Berkeley Hills
Jami Ryan Ryan, Jami Upper School & Athletic Admin Assistant Mt. Nebo
Megan Schleiden Schleiden, Megan Teacher - 4th Grade Berkeley Hills
Callie Shattuck Shattuck, Callie Lunchroom Coordinator
Kathleen Sibbio Sibbio, Kathleen Teacher - 1st Grade Wexford
Jennifer Singleton Singleton, Jennifer Teacher - 3rd Grade Berkeley Hills
Kristen Smalley Smalley, Kristen Teacher - 5th/6th History & 5th Bible Berkeley Hills
Jana Snavely Snavely, Jana Teacher - Music Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Kimberly Southworth Southworth, Kimberly Teacher - 4th Grade Wexford
Marlinda Sprowls Sprowls, Marlinda Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Kathyrn Steiner Steiner, Kathyrn Education Therapist
Sheryl Vuich Vuich, Sheryl Teacher - PK4 & Library Wexford
Jessica Wallace Wallace, Jessica Teacher's Aide - PK4 & Recess Aide Wexford
Christian Wecker Wecker, Christian Operations Officer Admin Offices (BH), Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Heather Wick Wick, Heather Teacher - PreK4 Wexford
Greta Wicks Wicks, Greta Teacher's Aide - Full Day Kindergarten Wexford
Christie Wilkin Wilkin, Christie Teacher - Spanish Mt. Nebo
Kimberly Witt Witt, Kimberly Teacher's Aide - PS3 Wexford
Barbara Yoder Yoder, Barbara Teacher - Music/Band
Cheryl Zorich Zorich, Cheryl Teacher - English Mt. Nebo