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Committed to your child's academic and spiritual growth.

Faculty and Staff

  Name Title Group
Mark Ackerman Ackerman, Mark Athletic Director Mt. Nebo
Brian Adey Adey, Brian Teacher - Social Studies Mt. Nebo
Advos Admin Admin, Advos
Joyce Afflerbach Afflerbach, Joyce Administrative Assistant Mt. Nebo
Anna Aiken Aiken, Anna Director of Development Admin Offices (BH)
Sherry Aiken Aiken, Sherry Teacher - PreK4/Learning thru Literature Wexford
Thomas Aiken Aiken, Thomas Principal Mt. Nebo
Nicole Angle Angle, Nicole Teacher - 1st Grade Wexford
Tom Barr Barr, Tom Teacher - Social Studies Mt. Nebo
Shelly Beauchamp Beauchamp, Shelly Teacher - 3rd Grade Wexford
Madelyn Berkley Berkley, Madelyn Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Kelly Birsic Birsic, Kelly Teacher - PreK4 Berkeley Hills
Nancy Bishop Bishop, Nancy Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Valerie Bonner Bonner, Valerie Lunchroom Coordinator Wexford
Sierra Bowman Bowman, Sierra Teacher - English/Registrar Mt. Nebo
Kristie Bricker Bricker, Kristie Interim Principal - BH Berkeley Hills
Ryan Brogdon Brogdon, Ryan Operations Officer Admin Offices (BH), Berkeley Hills
Jodi Brooks Brooks, Jodi Teacher - PS3 Berkeley Hills
Dawn Butterworth Butterworth, Dawn Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Susan Caputo Caputo, Susan Teacher - Art Mt. Nebo
Elizabeth Cejer Cejer, Elizabeth Teacher - Business/Math Mt. Nebo
Kathy Chopp Chopp, Kathy Volunteer Coordinator Wexford
Brenda Cischke Cischke, Brenda Director of College and Career Counseling Mt. Nebo
Nicole Coen Coen, Nicole Elementary Teacher Wexford
Nanette Curtis Curtis, Nanette Director of Admissions Admin Offices (BH)
Renee D'Ippolito D'Ippolito, Renee Teacher - Bible; Cafeteria Manager Mt. Nebo
Kathy DeMarco DeMarco, Kathy Teacher - KFD Wexford
Sarah Detar Detar, Sarah Teacher's Aide - FDK Berkeley Hills
Jonathan Duncan Duncan, Jonathan Teacher - Bible Mt. Nebo
Sandra Duncan Duncan, Sandra Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Kathryn Durec Durec, Kathryn Teacher - 4th-6th Math
Dana Faletti Faletti, Dana Teacher - American Sign Language Mt. Nebo
Rebecca Ferrario Ferrario, Rebecca Teacher - 2nd Grade Wexford
Greg Foltz Foltz, Greg Teacher - P.E./Elem Athletic Director Mt. Nebo
Zachary Frantik Frantik, Zachary Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Pamela Gauntner Gauntner, Pamela PreK 3 Aide Berkeley Hills
Marilyn Gillogly Gillogly, Marilyn Teacher - Science/Pathology Mt. Nebo
Barb Grabowski Grabowski, Barb Teacher - Science Mt. Nebo
Kenneth Hale Hale, Kenneth Teacher - 5th/6th Science & STEAM Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Michael Hall Hall, Michael Teacher - Social Studies/Bible Mt. Nebo
Shawna Haynes Haynes, Shawna Receptionist Wexford
Cassie Herbert Herbert, Cassie Teacher - English Mt. Nebo
Deneen Hicks Hicks, Deneen Teacher's Aide - FDK Wexford
Jean Hidinger Hidinger, Jean Administrative Assistant Wexford
Brandon Homrock Homrock, Brandon Teacher - P.E.
Grace Horne Horne, Grace Teacher - Elementary Spanish Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Erica James James, Erica Teacher - Half Day Kindergarten Wexford
Bethany Janicki Janicki, Bethany Teacher's Aide - PS4 Wexford
Tracy Jennings Jennings, Tracy Teacher - Half Day Kindergarten Wexford
Catherine Johnson Johnson, Catherine Teacher - Science, Math, Computer Science Mt. Nebo
Christine Kaniecki Kaniecki, Christine Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator Mt. Nebo
Michael Kettel Kettel, Michael Recess Aide/Teacher's Aide - 2nd Grade Berkeley Hills
Andrea Knauer Knauer, Andrea Teacher - Half Day Kindergarten Wexford
Andrew Laird Laird, Andrew Teacher - P.E./Bible Berkeley Hills
Gary Laird Laird, Gary Teacher - Business & Social Science Mt. Nebo
Adrienne Larkin Larkin, Adrienne Teacher - English Mt. Nebo
Julie Lefever Lefever, Julie Director of Marketing & Communications Admin Offices (BH)
Emily Lowery Lowery, Emily Teacher - Art Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Karen Lukitsch Lukitsch, Karen Teacher - 4th/5th/6th Math & Math Support Berkeley Hills
Sarah Macshane Macshane, Sarah Teacher - 5th/6th Grade Language Arts Wexford
Maureen Maier Maier, Maureen Principal Wexford
Anna Marburger Marburger, Anna Teacher - 5th/6th History & Bible Wexford
Jacqueline Medure Medure, Jacqueline Receptionist Wexford
Amy Merrick Merrick, Amy Teacher - 1st Grade Wexford
Jennifer Miess Miess, Jennifer Financial Administrator Admin Offices (BH)
Jessica Mitrik Mitrik, Jessica Teacher - HDK, STEAM & Computers Berkeley Hills
Emily Moreno Moreno, Emily Teacher - 4th Grade Berkeley Hills
Kristen Muir Muir, Kristen Recess Aide/Teacher's Aide - 1st Grade
Janice Newman Newman, Janice Education Therapist - Discovery Mt. Nebo
Lindsay Newman Newman, Lindsay Teacher - Math; Dean of Women Mt. Nebo
Thomas O'Brien O'Brien, Thomas Permanent Substitute Mt. Nebo
Lindsay Oliver Oliver, Lindsay HR Administrator/Corporate Counsel Admin Offices (BH)
Erica Oshlick Oshlick, Erica Teacher - LTL/Asst. Teacher - PK4 Berkeley Hills
Christa Papcunik Papcunik, Christa Admissions Assistant
Judy Perry Perry, Judy Teacher - Spanish Mt. Nebo
Jennifer Plants Plants, Jennifer Executive Assistant Berkeley Hills
Heidi Pollick Pollick, Heidi Teacher - KFD Berkeley Hills
Allyson Potter Potter, Allyson Teacher - English/Ipad Specialist/Yearbook Editor Mt. Nebo
Benjamin Potter Potter, Benjamin Teacher - Bible Mt. Nebo
Josh Potter Potter, Josh Director of Maintenance Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Kathleen Potter Potter, Kathleen Accounts Payable/Purchasing Specialist
Linda Prevost Prevost, Linda Lunchroom Monitor Wexford
Joyce Ricci Ricci, Joyce Receptionist/Volunteer Coordinator Berkeley Hills
Andrea Rigby Rigby, Andrea Teacher - STEAM & Computers; Teacher's Aide Wexford
Kassaundra Rodriguez Rodriguez, Kassaundra Teacher - Music Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Nicole Rowland Rowland, Nicole Teacher Berkeley Hills
Kelly Rupert Rupert, Kelly Education Therapist - Discovery Berkeley Hills, Wexford
Jami Ryan Ryan, Jami Upper School & Athletic Admin Assistant Mt. Nebo
Jennifer Singleton Singleton, Jennifer Teacher - 3rd Grade Berkeley Hills
Kristen Smalley Smalley, Kristen Teacher - 5th/6th Berkeley Hills
Jana Snavely Snavely, Jana Teacher - Music Berkeley Hills, Mt. Nebo, Wexford
Rachel Sorce Sorce, Rachel Education Therapist - Discovery Mt. Nebo
Kimberly Southworth Southworth, Kimberly Teacher - 4th Grade Wexford
Marlinda Sprowls Sprowls, Marlinda Teacher - Math Mt. Nebo
Sheryl Vuich Vuich, Sheryl Teacher - PS3 Wexford
Jessica Wallace Wallace, Jessica Teacher's Aide - PS3/PS4 Wexford
Sarah Warren Warren, Sarah Teacher - 2nd Grade Berkeley Hills
Heather Wick Wick, Heather Teacher - PreK4 Wexford
Christie Wilkin Wilkin, Christie Teacher - Spanish Mt. Nebo
Cathy Williams Williams, Cathy Administrative Assistant Berkeley Hills
Kimberly Witt Witt, Kimberly