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Committed to your child's academic and spiritual growth.

Upper School
Counseling Department


We prayerfully foster each student’s growth and commitment to wise and faithful life and career choices.

Our goal is to prepare students by helping them develop their passions and competencies at Eden; which will translate into God-honoring and fulfilling lives after graduation.

The UPPER school counseling office provides:
  • one-on-one student planning sessions
  • college admissions counselor visits
  • job shadow experiences
  • career day presentations

Brenda A. Cischke, M.A., NCC
Director of College and Career Counseling
412-741-2825, ext 103
  • Meets with students, parents, and teachers about academic progress and student concerns
  • Supervises course selection, student academic records, standardized testing, and college planning
  • Assists students and/or families with referrals to outside agencies and resources, as needed
Contact Brenda Cischke for academic advising or to schedule a private consultation

Sierra Bowman
  • Collects student requests for course and schedule development and generation
Contact Sierra Bowman for specific schedule requests or adjustments